about-us-page-minRoommates4Boomers… And How it all Started
Hi. My name is Karen Venable, founder of Roommates4Boomers.com. I am one of a growing group of women baby boomers entering a new phase of life. Many of us went to college, raised our children, and are single again-or always were. Now we’re wondering what the future looks like as we get older. Where do we want to live? What do we want to experience? Do we have the resources and support we need? Who do we want to live with?

Several years ago, my friend Carol (on the right), also recently divorced, asked me to live with her. To my delight, we had a highly successful and rewarding shared housing experience. Many of my friends talked about how happy I was and wondered what resources they might use to find roommates. I started researching what online services were available for boomer women to find shared housing and there were none. After realizing the sheer number of women baby boomers retiring in the next few years and discussing housing options with many friends, I knew a huge void needed to be filled and that’s how Roommates4Boomers.com was born. – Karen Venable

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