A Tecchie Resource Directory Just For Us

If you feel overwhelmed by all the tech that’s out there – websites, apps, and devices – don’t give up! There’s so much great stuff that will add to your efficiency, your knowledge, your power to save money, and more; it would be a terrible shame to miss out on everything because you feel that you simply can’t handle any more new stuff to learn.

Sure, the unending onslaught of new tech can make you feel as though you’re drowning; why learn to use a new device, or program, or app, when next month somebody says you’ve got to learn something different?

One way to hold onto your sanity is to tell yourself that although “new and different” may always be coming down the pipeline, that doesn’t mean that what you’ve just learned is useless. How about checking in from time to time with a good source of “tech information” to learn what’s available that’s most relevant to you – programs and apps that will help you save time, save money, make you more informed, keep you connected, and maybe even add to your fun, and then choose to learn what appeals to you most? Then, give yourself a break for awhile. You don’t have to always move on to the next latest thing.  Just tell yourself you’ll use and enjoy what you’ve learned, and maybe in another six months or a year you’ll check in with another good resource to see if there’s something else useful or appealing that you’d like to learn how to use.

For now, here’s a really great resource that MIT’s AgeLab put together: a resource directory compiled specifically for the older generation. Click here to check out, and download if you wish, the MIT AgeLab Tech Resource Directory, published by Hartford Funds. And notice what we’ve circled in two sections: income enhancing apps and social media apps: Roommates4Boomers is listed as a great resource for both!

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