An Empty House Is the #3 Cause of Stress

anxious-sad-woman2-source-verywellZestNow ran an interesting article by Elizabeth Dodson offering 5 tips to reduce stress in a woman’s life. Number 3 was finding ways to deal with an empty house. Says Dodson, “An empty nest after age 50 can be quite stressful.” Now, she was talking about women who had raised children and were used to having offspring in the house, but we know that the stress factor applies to anyone who lives alone. Statistics have proven that fact.

Dodson suggests finding a hobby to fill the new free time, which is not a bad idea, but when the solo hours are 24/7 at home, hobbies can’t adequately fill the void. A roommate can – not to spend every waking minute with you, or to fill the home with constant activity or act as a social director, but to be a companionable presence, someone to talk to when you feel like it, someone to share the chores, someone to maybe introduce you to some new activities of her own. Simply, someone to be there, in a home where you are not alone.


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