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Bill Ness
Bill Ness

Bill Ness writes in that the need for new housing options for Boomer women as they grow older is rising every year. The number of us who are single – whether due to death, divorce, or choice – is huge, and is growing.  Many of us are turning to shared homes, and in that case joining together with friends or family members can be an obvious solution, but for many, it’s not an available option, or perhaps not a practical solution because family members either live far away, or aren’t perhaps the people we’d find most easy to live with. Friends could turn into roommates, of course, but there are also cases where some friends might not be your most compatible housemates. Boomer women are turning to other options, using services (like Roommates4Boomers, of course!) to help them in their quest for the perfect roommate.  This move toward shared living is growing – it’s quite exciting!

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