Another Variation on Aging With Intention – Co-Housing Developments

cohousing - source cohousing dot org Finding a roommate is a great solution to many of the problems associated with being a Boomer and living alone, and the beauty of it is its simplicity.  Taking in a roommate is a big step, but aside from a few reasonable adjustments such as coming up with rules for sharing a kitchen that you both can live with, very little needs to change.  On the other end of the spectrum is the co-housing development, a type of housing community based around the concepts of shared space and a close-knit neighborhood.  It’s just another interesting variation on the theme of aging with intention. Read more about co-housing developments here.

Of course, you could also consider combining the two concepts and moving into a co-housing development with a roommate.  It sounds as though it could be the best of both worlds; finding a roommate to share your home, and at the same time finding a neighborhood full of other individuals who are committed to intentional community and connecting with their neighbors.

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