Are We Still Hippies At Heart?

hippies - source pissedoffcabbie dot blogspotHow familiar does this photo look to you? If you could take your 60’s or 70’s self and insert it in the middle of this group, most likely that image – the young you – would fit right in. It would say “hippy”: long hair or big curly hair, midi dress or bell-bottom jeans, peasant top or t-shirt, boots, Birkenstocks, or bare feet. Was that you? Are we still hippies at heart?

The younger generation might think so, especially if we announce that we’ve now decided to find a roommate, or several roommates, to live with. Back to the commune style life? Of course, we know that we Boomers are diverse in backgrounds and outlooks. Even so, it’s interesting to get a perspective on the Boomer roommate trend from someone who did, in fact, live that commune lifestyle. Read about it in Alexander Zaitchik’s article featured on ViewZone.


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