Boomers’ Needs Are Pushing Medical Technology

The Baby Boomers may have come into the world before the internet or the first personal computer, but we’ve proven ourselves to be adaptable, teachable, and most important of all, incurably curious about the exponentially growing technological world around us.  This is a wonderful thing, not only because it means that we’re engaged and participating, but also because our interest in and use of technology will help to shape it.

Indications of this already are apparent, especially in medical technology where the health needs of the Boomer generation are commanding a huge amount of attention and influence.  The types of innovations that are being explored are truly amazing – and adoption of medical-access technology by patients is huge. One example: home-use monitors that track everything from blood pressure and heart rate to glucose readings, then send the results instantaneously to healthcare providers. Read about just a few of them here.  

patient online data - source - hit consultant dot net

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