Can You Age In Place Where You’re Living?

When you hear the word “longevity” you may think of your own aging and health, but the word also applies to your neighborhood.  For Boomers who want to remain in their current homes and/or neighborhoods as they age, there are some important factors to consider.  Is there reliable public transportation in your area?  Are the roads in your neighborhood well paved, clearly marked, and appropriately signed?  Are there a variety of services and things to do in walking distance of your home? 

Most of us hope to never live in an assisted living facility, but many of us don’t realize that not only can assisted living simply be a less than ideal option, it can cost considerably more than you imagined – and life expectancy rates are statistically lower in these facilities than among those maintaining an independent lifestyle.  These and more considerations are questions that are worth considering in some depth, and should influence your decision-making now about where you will choose to live.  

AARP has posted an interesting and quick (12 questions) online quiz on what makes a community livable, which may get you thinking about a few factors in “neighborhood longevity” that you hadn’t thought about before.  Some of the questions are kind of silly and obvious, but question number 3 may shock you, and really get you thinking about whether your neighborhood has what it takes for you to age in place happily.

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