Comforting Choices That Can Help You Get Rid of Stuff

If you’re digging into the task of weeding out unnecessary belongings and decluttering your home, it’s very helpful to have a good system of identifying the things you don’t need anymore (in some cases, things you never needed!). But even with a good system, guilt is bound to grow as you send things out the door. You feel wasteful, or you feel guilty that you’ve spent money you shouldn’t have, or you feel bad about yourself because you never made use of something you bought long ago with a purpose or project in mind.

A good way to eliminate those bad feelings is to see to it that the “perfectly good stuff” that you’re eliminating not only gets put to good use, but maybe earns back some of the money you spent on it. Two options are relatively easy: eBay, and yerdle, an app and website that encourages reuse by letting people give away things they don’t use for credits, and then use those credits to “buy” things they want. 

The drawback of eBay is that you don’t get the items out of your home until you sell them. But if you make the prices so low that they’re a steal, people will buy them. If your pricing covers your postage and an extra $5 or $10 or $50 for you, that’s good, right? Now you know that a specific someone wants it and is going to use it, so you no longer feel the guilt of waste, and you put a few dollars in your pocket. That should be comforting.

The drawback of Yerdle is that the credits you earn may feel like free money (and in a way, they really are), and you may be tempted to put those credits into another belonging right away. You might end up buying even more items that maybe you don’t need and won’t ever use.  Be aware of the temptation, and stop yourself.  Perhaps set a goal of a high number of credits, to use to replace a bigger ticket item in your home, like a pair of skis. Just a thought.


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