Don’t Let Money Be the Root of Evil Feelings

homemade-cleaning-productsWhen you move in with a new roommate, how will you handle the purchasing of typically shared items such as cleaning products, spices, and cooking oil?  Before unspoken expectations are violated and resentments begin to grow, you might want to consider the following discussions and decisions:

Share the common costs – this holds true not just for the kitchen but for the bathroom and laundry room, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, and housecleaner.  Make a list of everything you can think of that will be used by or benefit both of you.

Have a frank and open discussion about expectations with regard to shared costs – Will one of you buy what you need, split the bill, and notify the other?  Will you shop together? Take turns? Finding a mutually attractive arrangement is usually not difficult.

Get to the nitty gritty about brands and styles – What is sometimes difficult is compromising on the products you normally buy.  This might seem like a small concern at first, and if it were 1920 and there were few products to choose from it would be.  But these days we have endless choices.  Do you refuse to buy scented cleaning products?  Are you anti-corn syrup all the way?  Do you loathe air freshener odors? Are you a sponge person or a scrubby brush person? These are things that can become big annoyances down the line.  Again, make a list, and make decisions – sometimes that will mean a compromise on brand, and other times it will mean separate collections of the same sorts of items such as laundry detergent and coffee.

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