Here’s A Unique Way to Attack Your Clutter

Ours is an age when we start to realize the extent of the accumulated objects that surround us – the dear, the despised, the wonderful, the useless. Stuff, and lots of it. Some of us may learn to become blind to it, but the healthiest way to deal is to declutter, especially if you’re about to enter into shared housing.  There are many methods of decluttering, all good, but here’s a method by Marie Kondo that I think you’ll find unique – and that may work magic for you. Her method (or at least a part of it) is this:

Organize your belongings into categories. No, don’t move them physically, but categorize them in your mind. Then, choosing one category, do collect all the items you’ve got and put them in one big pile. Now, begin to sort, but not in the way you’d think. Kondo’s method is to pick up each item one by one, and “touch each item and wait for it to communicate to you.” This may sound woo woo, but Kondo swears it works. If the item, when you hold it, makes you feel down, if it causes negative feelings or memories, then it should go. If it sparks joy, it’s good for your home. It’s a keeper.

Sounds too simple and sounds like it wouldn’t work, but I’m going to try it anyway.

Another thing; Kondo advises going through your categories of things in this order: clothes, books, documents, miscellaneous items, and finally mementos. The theory is that once you come to your mementos, the most emotionally laden objects in your life, you will have had lots of practice in how to touch and feel if an item is “good” or “bad.” This will help you actually get rid of some things you haven’t been able to part with in years.

I discovered this method in a post by Beth Havey in her blog, Boomer Highway. Click here to read her article and learn a lot more about Kondo’s methods.

One thought on “Here’s A Unique Way to Attack Your Clutter

  • April 13, 2015 at 8:38 pm

    I bought Marie Kondo’s book and she has helped me sooo much to clean up my clutter. I like the idea of focusing on one thing at a time. It just makes so much sense to me. I have gone through my clothes, books and am now working on all of the paper I have filed away that I never, ever look at. What a relief to get rid of the extra stuff in your life that you don’t need. I have not gotten to miscellaneou as yet. But I can see where I may have to go through all of the above once again to make sure I am not holding onto something I really don’t need. The second time around won’t be as bad.
    Thank you, Marie.


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