Lonely? Don’t Be… Find A Roommate Free This Month

People who live alone feel loneliest during holiday season. And in these days of political invective, sexual scandals, and tragic shootings, the collective angst adds an extra layer of stress to the isolation felt by those living in solo households. The holidays that are upon us could be their worst ever.

Roommates4Boomers, the roommate-matching service for women over 50, is helping lonely people alleviate holiday-time stress and feelings of isolation by making their service free from now until January 5, 2018. Anyone interested in sharing her home with roommates, or looking for a new place to live with roommates, may sign up for Roommates4Boomers and connect with potential roommate matches at no charge.

Loneliness is not only distressing, it’s damaging to a person’s health and longevity. According to a recent article in Fortune, loneliness is a public health threat. John Cacioppo, a neuroscientist at the University of Chicago, says social isolation’s effect on health and mortality is comparable to high blood pressure, obesity, lack of exercise, or smoking. And according to Gary J. Kennedy, M.D., social isolation results in a lack of mental stimulation which increases the risk of dementia.

I know that Roommates4Boomers can’t solve the problems of the world, but we can help improve the lives of women over 50 who live alone, by helping them find compatible roommates and reduce holiday stress and isolation. I hope that you’ll take advantage of our free offer during this holiday season.

To sign up for Roommates4Boomers, go to http://roommates4boomers.com and click on the “Find A Match” button at the top of the page; or click here to go straight to the sign-up page.

Already a Member?

Are you already a member of Roommates4Boomers? Great! You’re included during our Help Stop Holiday Loneliness Month: During December, you won’t be charged your monthly fee – Roommates4Boomers is free for you all month long!

Please Share Roommates4Boomers With Others Who May Be Lonely

One more thing: As the holiday season surrounds all of us, give some extra thought to your friends and loved ones who live alone. Give them an extra phone call. Pay an extra visit above and beyond the usual “obligation” get-together. Drop by with a plate of cookies. And tell them about Roommates4Boomers and our free month offer – or pass this email along to them. They don’t have to be lonely and they don’t have to remain alone!

Happy Holidays ~

Karen Venable

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