New Architectural Design For Traditionally Drab Spaces

pocket-park-workers-source-archeworks-dot-org-croppedHave you ever thought about why there is such a huge discrepancy between design quality for a large corporate space and, say, a public school or an assisted living facility? Why does it have to be that way – a lack of aesthetics in spaces that exist for the benefit of others rather than the egos of the wealthy? Internationally renowned architect Stanley Tigerman and equally respected interior designer Eva Maddox, asked the same question about 30 years ago. From that “Why?” came a “Why not?” and good design was brought to good deeds by way of the Archeworks school – an independent non-profit Chicago design school that combines students, mentors, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, and community members in joint design processes. The result: beautiful objects and spaces for use by those previously relegated to the institutional and the drab.  Read more about the success of the Archeworks school in this article at

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