Retiring Abroad – Not Just for the Super Rich

Beach-House - source myhomeidea dot netIf  you think that retiring in some distant beach locale is a fate reserved only for the 1%, think again.  Many of us in the Boomer generation are taking a look at our finances, and trying to figure out the best retirement option.  Life abroad is not only not necessarily out of reach; it might in fact be one of the most economical choices you can make for your retirement.  The cost of healthcare is significantly reduced in many countries for a start, but in many cases there’s also a gentler and more respectful attitude toward older people that has not been particularly prevalent in ours.  In countries like Malaysia, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Uruguay the basic cost of living is often lower, the healthcare system is cheaper, and in some cases, the care available may be superior.  When you add the savings and the support of living with roommates to the equation, you really can consider living and retiring just about anywhere in the world. Check out this article by Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher in the Huffington Post and think outside the border.

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