Revisiting the Commune Idea From Our Days of Youth

older women-share-dinner-source-uiwomenscenterAnne Brenoff adds a refreshingly fun – and in some ways nostalgic – view of how to live in community in older age; in her article on Huffington Post“The Golden Girls Got it Right,”she talks about revisiting the commune idea from our days of late youth / young adulthood. She says, “the idea of communes may be, for some, the democratic answer to how to afford aging — to handpick the friends you want to live with and jump off the aging cliff Thelma and Louise-style.” And, she points out, some 2,000 communes were formed back in the day. Quite a lot of experience in shared living among members of our generation.

I think her view, slowly crystallizing, of such a living arrangement speaks well of how we as a generation, are going to enter into and ride through old age – with a sense of fun, of common purpose, of shouldering the burdens together. Many of us are going to shun the institutional mold, that’s for certain. A few may actually form communes 60’s-style – out in the woods without electricity or running water – in many instances there will be women pursuing shared homes in places they’ve always dreamed of – out in the country, or in the heart of the city, or in another country. This whole housing question is being embraced by so many of us not as a problem or a conundrum, but rather as a fantastic chance to go after that thing we’ve always wanted, joined with friends in the adventure.

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