Same-Sizing – Or Up-Sizing: Still, What Do You Do With the “Stuff?”

I read an interesting and honest blog post by David Burdick, Consumer News Editor for the Denver Post, who was in the midst of a move, and suddenly came to the realization that every time he and his wife up-sized, they found they had more problematic “stuff” to store despite the extra square footage they had gained.  They even sold furniture, gave clothes to the goodwill, and threw some things away – yet their “crazy boxes,” as they called them – items that fell into no categories and posed problems of storage overload – grew in number.  This might be your experience when you move in with a roommate, even if you’re going into a larger home or apartment than you had before.

It think it’s a simply a result of living a rich life for a relatively long time – we’ve collected too many things around us.  It plagues many if not most of us past the age of 50.  We’ve lived a lot, we’ve done a lot, we’ve collected a lot.  The young Burdick provides some interesting insights.  Read his article here.

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