Shared Housing – It’s What the Cool Kids are Doing

roommates-source-studentuniverse-dot-com1Baby boomers aren’t the only ones doing shared housing right.  In fact they’re just one of several age groups that are embracing shared housing for a wide variety of reasons – financial, social, and even ecological.  Check out this article by Timothy D. May from the Christian Science Monitor on shared living for a cool, multifaceted perspective on the trend. Our favorite excerpt from the article:

Frances Goldscheider, a social demographer at the University of Maryland in College Park, says there are more than financial reasons for the latent interest in collaborative living.  Primary among them: a growing sense that privacy may be overrated. “Companionship is also a positive,” says Goldscheider. “Economists are shocked when you ask them if people want to live together – they think privacy is the only good. But it turns out people actually like to talk.”

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