Sharing A Home Office Without Sharing A Home Office

shared office - source - stylofficeWhen we think of living with a roommate and sharing common areas, we tend to envision the living room and kitchen – but what if each of you needs an office at home, but your shared home has room for only one office?  Leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with a neat and tidy looking (what else?) plan for a shared office.

Martha suggests creating two mirrored work stations, each featuring a desk of course, and kitchen cabinets hung overhead. The lower shelves of the cabinets can be used like file cabinets that you access from the side rather than the top; the upper shelves can store other items. If you create your desk from one long expanse of tabletop, you can mentally divide it in half and sit at one half with your laptop or the papers you’re working on. The other half can act as not only a continuation of your desk space for your phone and office supplies and whatever you need to keep handy at all times, but also as a cubby for a rolling cart stored below, where you might keep more bulky things like a printer, in/out boxes, and less-used supplies.

The most clever idea, I thought, was to alternate bulletin boards and magnetic boards on the wall beneath the cabinets, and cover all of them in linen, all in the same color. The magnetic board can hold hooks and small containers; the bulletin board can pin up notes and reminders, pictures, drawings, or whatever is light and pinnable.

For photos and more details, and links to related Martha-inspired office spaces, click here.

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