Six Reasons Why You Might Very Well Decide To Live With a Roommate

You might think that living with a roommate is not in your future. Well, maybe not. But statistically speaking, there’s a pretty good chance that you may just find yourself needing to – or wanting to – consider that option down the road. And if you do, you definitely will not be alone. Check out this article by Moira McGarvey from the Huffington Post, as relevant today as when it was first published, about the trends and statistics pointing toward group living as an increasingly popular option among over-50 women.  Her no-nonsense points make a great case for why you should start thinking about this option. If not for now, then for ‘what if.’

  1. The divorce rate for women over 50 is high; many will suffer unfavorable financial consequences as a result.
  2. One-third of Boomers live alone; they’re either divorced, widowed or have never been married.
  3. As you get older, let’s face it, your financial reserves and your energy reserves may diminish. If you have a roommate, you can cut down on your “expenditures” both of money and effort in keeping up your home.
  4. The risk of isolation grows with age and especially with – well – isolation. If you live with others, you have more social connections.
  5. Safety is a concern for everyone; moreso for older women. If two or more people live in your home, you are safer and more secure than if you live alone.
  6. If anything ever happens such as an illness or a fall, you have built-in support: Someone is there to know about it and take action.

Your life circumstances right now may not be pointing to a shared living situation for you, and I’m not saying you should consider taking on a roommate if it’s not right for you now. But I do urge you to think about shared living as a very good option in the future should your circumstances change.


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