Take A Look At The “Safety Features” Of Your Life

Any self sufficient woman in her boomer years has been taking care of her home, her family and/or partner, and herself for a long time, but it never hurts to give yourself a little refresher course on safety once in a while.  This is especially true for women “of a certain age” for two reasons.

We’re A “Target Market” In More Ways Than One

You’ve heard the phrase, “target market” in relation to advertising – a strategic component of mounting a successful ad campaign. Advertisers identify the group they’re marketing to, i.e their “target market,” and they spend considerable effort figuring out who falls into the group, where they go, what they like and don’t like, how much money they have, what they’re likely to spend their discretionary income on, and why, and so on. Well, the same sort of profiling is done by some criminals, too; they figure out all they can about you so that they can take advantage of you, rob you, burglarize your home, or worse. Women over 50 automatically fall in to a category deemed less capable of defending itself, more vulnerable, less protected. So be aware that as you grow older, unfortunately you’re at a growing risk of being targeted for some kind of crime. You fall into the “target market” for plenty of criminals.

As Things In Life Change, So Do Ways That Criminals Can Carry Out Their Bad Deeds

In the old days, the only way to be robbed was if someone snatched your satchel of cash. Then checks came into existence, and someone could steal your checkbook and forge checks using your name. Then credit cards could be stolen, or information from them copied and used to buy things by phone or online. Then criminals figured out how to steal your identifying information and open and use new accounts in your name. Now it’s possible for people to hack into your home wifi, sometimes via devices you don’t even think about like your wireless printer.

And then there are drones, and the latest phone scams, and new ways criminals have figured out to dupe people into letting them into their homes, and… oh my, the list just keeps on going and growing.

So, I’ve found a few useful articles I recommend you read in order to bring yourself up to speed with safety and security in your day-to-day life:

“Safety Tips for Everyday Life,” in Love To Know.

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