The 10 Healthiest Places to Live in the USA – Probably Not Where You’d Think

10 healthiest states in America - source Mother Nature Network

They say that you become like the people you hang around with – so one of the first steps in self-improvement is fostering and nurturing friendships with productive, positive people – people who live life the way that you would like to live life. So what about extending that concept to the general population – even as broad as the state in which you live? If you want to live a healthy and active life, it makes good sense to live among people pursuing the same lifestyle that you want to have.

If you’re planning to search for a roommate in a new area, or if you’re thinking about joining forces with one or more other women to buy or rent a home together in a new location, you might want to think about consciously choosing an area where healthy lifestyles are the norm.

Fox News Health recently published an article by Amanda Schupak, “The 10 healthiest and least healthy states in the US,” and this is a good first resource for your search. We found a few states on the list rather surprising: Minnesota, Vermont, and Massachusetts. The article gives a little information about each state, along with a list of the 10 least healthy states as well. Another good but slightly older listing can be found at Mother Nature Network in an article by Jenn Savedge, “The 10 healthiest states in America (Sorry, California),” which also features a cool interactive map with statistics on life expectancy, obesity, and percentage of sedentary adults for each highlighted state.

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