The Stress of Trying to Remember A Person’s Name

worried woman - source churchleadersGretchen Rubin wrote an article a while ago on WoWoWow, that’s especially useful for women who are single: “6 Tips For Coping When You’ve Forgotten Someone’s Name.” We all deal with the horror of forgetting someone’s name who we know we’ve met before. It’s especially stressful when you don’t have a spouse or partner to ask, “What’s her name, and how do I know her?” when a familiar, yet unnamed, face is approaching from across the room.

What I like about Gretchen’s tips is they don’t talk about techniques for remembering people’s names. Hey, if we could but follow a few foolproof techniques for name recognition, we wouldn’t have to worry about these awkward social situations, would we? Gretchen’s advice goes straight to what to do when the embarrassing situation has happened – yet again.  Check them out. These ideas you can remember.

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