Three Reasons To Clear Your Clothing Clutter Now

How many of us have clothing packed into our closets that we don’t wear anymore – ever? That’s a downer. Not only does it add to the feeling of clutter in your home, it makes you feel bad, doesn’t it?  The negative thoughts may come from guilt – you “should” lose weight so you can wear those old pants, or you “should” wear those expensive pants you bought, even though you actually are very uncomfortable in them. Or your bad feelings may come from what some hoarding experts call “fear of deprivation,” meaning you’re afraid you’ll need those pants (or some just like them) and you won’t have the wherewithal to obtain a new pair. Or you might be holding onto them out of a sort of grief – perhaps they represent a treasured memory, or a person or a time in your life that you’re sad is over.

To be blunt, get over it.  Honestly there’s so much good feeling generated by clean, open spaces, that most likely you can overcome whatever’s making you hold onto those clothes, and when you do, you’re going to feel so much better than you did before.  This is a great time of year to pare down your closet, for several reasons:

You may be buying new things to wear to holiday and family gatherings – more to stuff into your closet.

It’s almost the New Year – a time to renew and refresh. Why not start with your “stuff?”

You could make a little cash to help you buy gifts or whatever. Have you thought about your local consignment shop?  Some of your clothing might be perfect for this option, especially if it falls into the “I feel guilty because I never wore this” category. We found a great article by Doreen Dove in Better After 50 on why and how to use consignment shops,with some very helpful tips to make the experience pleasant and productive.

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