What Will Life Look Like When You’re 70, 80, or 90?

In an informative article in Huff Post 50, Jane Giddan and Ellen Cole paint a picture of what the future may look like for women 70, 80, or 90 in the decades ahead. It looks pretty nice – except for one thing. They tell a story of a hypothetical woman living alone. Granted, she has access to friends both in person and through futuristic holographic technology, she’s connected to the world through all kinds of gadgets and media, she gets out and about, and she has support services at the ready should she need them. But she lives alone. Why is this the assumption?

In my view, the norm will be different for many if not most of us – it will be, in many cases, women living together, not necessarily for financial reasons but for the sake of companionship, for support both physical and emotional, for social connectedness, and for the “hominess” of a home in which two or more people are sharing their days together.  That picture, I think, is even nicer than one in which an older woman is living well, but alone.

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