Women Friends Can Be Your Saving Grace

My Son Mikey - source suburbanwoman dot netThis is a sad story – the story of a woman whose son died, unexpectedly, when he was 15. It was asthma that ended his life. I decided to share her painful story, that she so bravely published on the blog pages of The Suburban Woman, because it demonstrates something very valuable – the healing friendships of women. Linda Lowry, the grieving mother, saw her life fall apart after her son died, and this included her marriage. It’s true that a family loss or trauma often leads to divorce, but that makes it no less painful.

Linda’s friends weren’t able to help her much as she struggled to survive this tragedy, her husband had left the picture, and support groups just were not providing her any comfort. Finally it was a complete stranger, a woman from across the country, who reached out to her through Facebook and was somehow able to touch her in a way that provided help and comfort. Linda has come a long way since then. She now attends a grief center with her daughter, and as she says, she has reclaimed her right to BE.
Women friends, be they new or old or by happenstance, can be your saving grace sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Women Friends Can Be Your Saving Grace

  • July 27, 2015 at 8:05 am

    Merry, I feel for your situation. Living under the rules of an HOA can be burdensome indeed. I applaud your savvy and openness in using Airbnb – and it’s unfortunate that your HOA now does not allow you to continue. I’m wondering if you would be allowed to have a full-time roommmate (instead of transient roommates as you had with Airbnb)? That might be allowed under the HOA rules, or if not, your HOA might be more willing to make an exception for you, since you wouldn’t be having unknown temporary residents coming and going. If a permanent roommate is possible, great! You can start looking for your ideal roommate today by becoming a member of Roommates4Boomers. All you have to do is fill out a profile. It’s free to search for roommates too; you pay only when you find a match you want to contact. Good luck!

  • July 19, 2015 at 10:35 am

    Some of these stories made me cry because I now know about loneliness, which having had a full life (many positive and many negative experiences), I had never stood in one place long enough to feel.

    I solved the problem of sharing my home beautifully through Airbnb. I was happy. It helped with bills. I constantly made new friends from all over the world.

    But then I found out I was violating Deed Restrictions from my HOA. I shut down my joy, live alone, work so hard that I cannot see family or friends, and have hit a brick wall of loneliness and depression. I have not yet found a way out of this imposed coffin. I respect the HOA, but am in an impossibly complicated situation. My options are few…all with extreme compromises of personal safety for me and my two little pups, whom I love so much. Only on Sunday mornings when I wake up and have time to think, I see myself as the woman in the movie What Dreams May Come (when she was alone in that parallel universe home in hell).


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